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Comedian Chris Rock Says Police Should Kill More White Kids

Brooklyn, NY – In his first stand-up special in a decade, comedian and actor Chris Rock painted law enforcement officers as murderous racists, and expressed his desire to see more white youth killed.   “I wanna live in a world with real equality,” Rock said during the...

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FALLEN HERO: Officer Justin Billa Murdered

Mobile, AL – A Mobile Police Department (MPD) officer was fatally shot on Tuesday night, after he attempted to apprehend a murder suspect, the police chief said.   Officer Justin Billa, a two-year-veteran of the department, was murdered as he and other officers were...

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VIDEO: Man Fights 5 Cops In Middle Of Gym

El Paso, TX – Video captured the scene of five cops fighting a man in the middle of a busy gym on Monday, while others walked around the fight unfazed and didn't let it ruin their workout (video below.)   Robert Stripin, the manager of the EP Fitness located at 11705...

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Chicago Store Owner Bashes Commander’s Funeral

Chicago, IL – A local jewelry store owner said she has been “horribly defamed” by law enforcement officers and “Trump supporters” who want to put her out of business, after she criticized the funeral of slain Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer in a social media post...

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UPDATE: Man Acquitted Of Murder For Killing Cop

Greensburg, PA – A man who fatally shot a St. Clair Township Police Department (SCTPD) officer before fleeing the scene in a stolen pickup was acquitted of murder.   Ray Shetler Jr., 33, faced a potential death sentence if he would have been convicted on counts of...

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